Doxygen and Perl POD

If you have ever dealt with Perl modules on CPAN, you will immediately notice the widespread use of POD to document every thing. And then most POD processors do a simple conversion to HTML (or for that matter many other formats) for proper presentation. pod2html is a very good tool for what it does but when you are maintaining frameworks written entirely in Perl, a simple POD wouldn’t be the only documentation that you’ll need especially if you want your co-worker to just read it & pick up where you left off. You need to present a little bit more “structure” to your documentation than simply providing description & synopsis for each module. So, when some one refers to framework documentation they are typically not looking for just your method descriptions but a lot more than that like for e.g. an object model or inheritance diagram or the whole frameworks package structure. Sure you can tell them to open up the whole package tree & look at it, but that is just rude - especially with Perl.

Author's profile picture Aditya Ivaturi on perl and doxygen